Pete's congas

Between the Lines and Spaces - Reminiscences by Pete Bailey

"Unfortunately, my book is now out of print. I'd like to thank everyone who bought the book. I hope you enjoyed it!"

"Please contact me if you have any comments or queries"

Pete Bailey

Pete Bailey’s book, Between the Lines and Spaces, recounts his escapades on the British music scene over a period of 30 years, working with bands such as:-

Pete had always promised Graham Bond that he would write it all down one day, and at last, after years of blood, sweat and tears, here it is.

Read about Pete's association with many of the big names in the music business, such as Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Scott, John McLaughlin and many others. The book includes hilarious and hair-raising tales; you can read extracts from some of them by clicking the links on the right.

It’s a darn good read!

There are 140 pages, including 9 specially drawn illustrations and 70 photos of the music scene and Pete’s life from the late 1940’s until the present day. A selection of photos, many of which have never been published before, can be found on the Gallery page.

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